How to make a profit on UK caravans

Posted by Su on 20 November 2013 | Comments

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Looking for a good investment?

How does a profit of $29,000 sound?

Take a look at the price comparison of the same caravan sold in the UK and New Zealand.

caravan comparison NZD

To take advantage of this amazing deal, all you have to do is purchase a UK caravan for a mere $16,000 NZD and resell it in New Zealand for a massive $45,000 NZD.

We’ll handle the shipping, from the haulier to the warehouse and even the customs procedure in New Zealand.

All you need to think about is what you’re going to spend/invest your $29,000 profit on!

The best part is, if you ship two caravans from the UK, one for you and one to sell, you will optimize on shipping expenses and make an even higher profit.

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